Anji (allmadhere) wrote in jrocklondon,

Family Values Tickets

So, due to unfortunate circumstances, my friend and I can't go to the Detroit Family Values concert. Which means... we have two tickets for sale!

TWO tickets for the Detroit concert, September 09, at DTE Energy. They're seats 18 and 19 in row EE. That's only 31 rows from the front -- they're really pretty good seats!! We had to buy them the first day they were available in order to get seats that good. I hate to sell them, but there's just no way that we're able to go to the concert.

We need to sell the pair of them for $176 Canadian to break even, what with the Ticketmaster costs and all. (That's $155 US)

Anyway, if you're interested, or have other questions, post here.


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