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Hello everyone! I am the waru, the one and only leader and with my sidekicik we will take over the world! 

Ahem anyways. I added more to the Info, make a newb post, fill in the questionair for fun. There's much chaos here at the Jrock London headquarters, a site is in the making.

For those of you interested in the A Jrock Newyears Party
the news so far is as follows:

+ It will be held at a local Japanese cuisine in London, Ontario. yes people outside of london can come. The exact location will be looked into this Saturday.
+ The tickets will be five dollars. Only allowing presold tickets is in concideration.
+ The meal is paid for by you unless by popular demand the idea of having a dinner already supplied is big. however this would bump up the ticket price to ten dollars.
+ Drinking Sake allowed! However, you must have proof of legal drinking age and will be stamped accordingly (and also be asked by the one you are perchasing such drinks from)
+ Time is still under discussion

+ Cosplay contest is a for sure! However because it is in a resturant there will be rules to the cosplay and that will be posted at a later time once they're all worked out. There will be prizes!
+ Skits are a for sure! - there will be a five minute limit on your skit. Not only is it impossible to find a Jrock Skit, its impossible to find a place that will allow five minutes!
+ Photoshoot is a for sure! How the hell can you ahve a fun night without a photoshoot!? SERIOUSLY.

Events still under consideration:
+ Kareoke

The Dance
Yes the dance is so intricate it deserves its own category. the dance is the main part that will take the longest to figure out. We need lots of heads to put together exactly what we are going to do. the first idea was, after the dinner if allowed we have our own personal dance in the seperate room of the returaunt. However this may not be allowed, therefore another concideration is to find a place to host it either than night or the night after. This will take alot of planning and I would appreciate any other idea's.

More events will be listed as the time progresses. If you have any suggestions at all let us know! We'll be glad to take your idea's to heart. 

We intend on making a Jrock London Photoshoot.
However we need someone that knows the Toronto Convention Centre well enough so we can find a place where this can take place and an exact time. We also need to find someone that knows how to get our event listed and how to get in contact. if anyone is interested in helping us out in this that would be greatly appreciated!

And as I lovely compition to start things off, we ask to make a 300x100 banner to help promote us online.


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